Ropley Horticultural Society


We hold two shows each year - the Spring Show in April and the Summer Show in August. There are classes for vegetables, fruit, flowers, floral art, craftwork, culinary, photographs and art and crafts.

Information regarding classes can be found below.

An Entry Form must be completed and submitted to us, with the appropriate entry fees, through the Ropley Shop by 5.30pm on the Wednesday proceeding the show.

The entries are judged by visiting judges and trophies and prizes awarded at the end of the show.

Entry fees
All classes 25p: Young People's classes - Free.
Prize Money
All classes: 1st - 60p, 2nd - 40p, 3rd - 30p.

The full rules and tips for exhibitors are here

Saturday 13th April

  1. Entry forms and fees to be received by 5.30pm on Wed 10th April.
    Forms and fees to The Courtyard Shop, Church Street, Ropley.
  2. Staging of exhibits from 8.00am to 10.30am when doors close to exhibitors.
  3. Judging commences at 10.45am.
  4. Doors open to the public at 2.30pm.
  5. Raffle and Prize giving at 4.00pm.
  6. Payment of prize money.
  7. Exhibits may not be removed until advised. The Society cannot be responsible for exhibits not collected.

    Section 1:

    Flowers & Produce Members only. Judge: Helen Stock

    Narcissi classification leaflet available from the Show Secretary or view this link.

  1. *Daffodils, large trumpet (Div 1), yellow, three blooms.
  2. Daffodils, large trumpet (Div 1), white, three blooms.
  3. Daffodils, large trumpet (Div 1), bi-colour, three blooms.
  4. *Daffodils, large cup (Div 2), two or more cultivars, five blooms.
  5. *Daffodils, small cup (Div 3), one or more cultivars, five blooms.
  6. Daffodils, double (Div 4), one cultivar, three blooms.
  7. Daffodils, cyclamineus (Div 6), one or more cultivars, five blooms.
  8. Daffodils, multi-headed (Div 5,7 or 8), one or more cultivars, five stems.
  9. Daffodils, poeticus (Div 9), one cultivar, three blooms.
  10. Daffodils, any other division not listed above, one cultivar, three blooms.
  11. Daffodils, selection of three or more cultivars, six stems.
  12. Primula, five stems, single or multi-headed.
  13. *Tulips, single, one or more cultivars, three blooms.
  14. Tulips, double, one or more cultivars, three blooms.
  15. Any other type of spring flowering bulb or corm, one cultivar, excluding those above, five stems.
  16. Spring Challenge. 5 ‘Tete a Tete’ Daffodils in a pot which does not exceed 15 cms (6 inches) internal diameter.
  17. Any other pot plant in flower or fruit, max pot size 23cm internal diameter.
  18. One foliage pot plant, max pot size 23cm internal diameter.
  19. One cactus or succulent.
  20. Pansies, five blooms, displayed in own shallow container.
  21. Five hellebores floating in a shallow container of your choice.
  22. *Ornamental foliage, four kinds, any number of stems in one container.
  23. Trees or Shrubs in flower, three kinds, any number of stems in one container.
  24. Three sticks of rhubarb with foliage trimmed to 75mm.
  25. 2 of any fresh vegetable or salad of the same cultivar.
  26. Section 2:
    Floral Art Open Judge: Penny Neyroud

    Space allowed 21" wide x 18" deep x 32" high, approx 530mm x 460mm x 810mm, unless otherwise specified.

  27. A Burst of Spring
  28. April in Paris
  29. Wind in the Willows
  30. Faberge fantasy. Petite. Not to exceed 250mm x 250mm x 250mm.
  31. Section 3:
    Cookery Open Judge: Hazel Wilson

  32. Simnel Cake
  33. 5 Fruit Scones
  34. Young Artists
    Judge: Penny Neyroud

    Classes 32 and 34 are for Children under 7 years, 33 and 35 are for those aged 7-11 years.

  35. Decorate an Easter Hat
  36. Decorate an Easter Hat
  37. An Easter Chick – maximum size 15cm (6 inches)
  38. An Easter Chick – maximum size 15cm (6 inches)
  39. * Classes eligible for the Henderson Cup