Prunus shirotea

Ropley Horticultural Society


Class 62 in the Summer Show

Each member of the Ropley Horticultural Society is provided with a plug plant in March to grow on and exhibit in the Summer Show.
The Summer Challenge Cup is awarded to the best exhibit.

The plant for the 2021 Summer Challenge is: Pelargonium “Klass” (deep pink)

Pelargonium Growing Guide

The plug plant supplied free to members at the end of March should produce a quality flowering plant by the time of the show on 21 August 2021.

Plant the plug into a 9cm pot as soon as possible using a quality potting compost, with a little perlite or vermiculite added (in a ratio of 4 parts compost to 1 part additive). Keep the plant in a warm light place.

Repot again, in stages (minimum of two times suggested), up to the maximum pot size of 23cm internal diameter.

In order to produce a bushy plant with plenty of flowers at the time of the show, it is necessary to ‘stop’ the plant:-

Compost retains its nutrients for approximately six weeks. There are 24 weeks between receiving the plug plant and the show, therefore it is beneficial to feed the plant at each watering. Use a liquid tomato feed, or equivalent, diluted as directed.

Do NOT over water. Only water when the plant is nearly dry and preferably water from below.