Ropley Horticultural Society


Constitution & Rules (revised 2024)

  1. Name

    The name of the society shall be "Ropley Horticultural Society".

  2. The Objectives
    • To further knowledge in all aspects of horticulture and country matters.
    • To stage at least one show each year.
    • To present for members, lectures and demonstrations on the culture and exhibiting of all things horticultural, and to assist the appreciation of the countryside.
    • To encourage children to have an interest in horticulture.
    • Where funds allow, at the discretion of the Committee, to make donations to Ropley village organisations or Hampshire based charities, for the benefit of residents.

  3. Membership

    All residents of Ropley Parish are eligible for membership. Residents outside the Parish of Ropley are also eligible for membership if they have a strong connection to the Parish.

    The annual subscription is due in January each year and is payable at the AGM.

  4. The Committee

    The Committee shall consist of a number of elected members including the Secretaries and Treasurer, the number to be

  5. decided as appropriate. The membership shall elect the Chairman. The Committee may elect a President for services to the Society. The President shall be ex officio.

  6. Annual General Meeting

    An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year after the close of the Society's financial year, on a date to be fixed by the Committee. Members will receive not less than 14 days' notice of this meeting. At this meeting a report of the Society's activities during the past twelve months and a statement of accounts duly audited for that year shall be submitted. The new Committee shall be elected and such other business transacted as the Society may decide.

    The foregoing rules may be altered at the AGM or at any Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose, and any proposed changes must be given in writing to the Secretary or Chairman at least 14 days prior to the date of the meeting.

  7. Other Matters

    The trophies belong to the Ropley Horticultural Society. In the event of closure of the Society, the trophies will be returned to the donors, where possible. Other assets will be donated to charities or local associations to be recommended by the Committee and agreed by the members.

    Any matter that may arise not covered by the above rules, shall be dealt with by the Committee at their discretion and their decision.

Affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society and Hampshire Federation of Horticultural Societies